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The reincarnation of Cainhoy Plantation: Part 1 – The development plan

March 28, 2018 BY: ELIZABETH BUSH (Editor’s Note: This story is part 1 in a series of articles The Daniel Island News is preparing on the new Cainhoy Plantation community, a 9,000 acre tract that is now...

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In age of wildfires, some South Carolina forest managers seeking to move to smaller controlled burns

March 28, 2018 Post and Courier By Bo Petersen bopete@postandcourier.com  Dec 30, 2017   Smoke will plume above the state’s timberlands again this winter, looming over nearby neighborhoods as...

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On the Cainhoy peninsula, a small city is taking shape Can the booming Charleston area deal with a vast new neighborhood that may attract 45,000 residents?

March 28, 2018 Post and Courier by David Slade June 3, 2016 CAINHOY — Taxpayers are spending a quarter-billion dollars to build schools, widen roads and construct a larger bridge to this once-sleepy...

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Activities and concerns in the Brookton

  • Beautification

    • Historic Preservation
    • Cainhoy Plantation Preserve
    • Walking Paths & Hiking Trails
    • Neighborhood Clean-ups
  • Advocacy

    • Development & Planning Issues
    • Affordable Housing
    • Economic Development
    • Traffic Calming
  • Social Events

    • Kwanzaa Cainhoy Celebration
    • Keith School STEM Event
    • SC African- American Tourism Conference
    • Heirs Property & Will/Testament Workshop

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Long-planned Cainhoy development moves forward

March 28, 2018 Charleston Regional Business Journal  By Liz Segrist SEP 28, 2017 The sound...

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